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Cult Mind Control

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:53 pm
by jacob
I have had more time to focus my thoughts.. Ramapo Ridge is a Dutch Reformed psychiatric mental institution bent on converting there patients to their own religious ideology. They have no morals or conscience about what they do to other human beings there. I was there for 2 weeks and it was like an eternity. I had doctors shout at me and staff abandon me in crisis. I saw other patients, young and old, cruelly abused in the worst way. When a marine has to sign out you know there is a problem. I don't know how this facility operates now but I hope they have had a turnover in staff and the directors. I wonder if what happened was the trickle down theory where a few miscreants in positions of authority misused and abused their positions of authority to create this hell hole of an environment for their own personal reasons. I have never been treated so cruelly in life as I was there. My family was told I didn't want to talk to them. I never made that statement. They tried to isolate me from my support system. The pay phones were turned off 22 hours a day. We were cut off from the outside world. We only had a view of sides of buildings or earthen hills or woods. No view of the horizon, the sunrise or sunset. Not even the sky. The clocks were analog and designed to be difficult to read. The thermostats were zone heating and each controlled the room it was in. One night I would sweat and the next I would shiver under 4 blankets. I had no access to the temperature setting as the were locked. This was sleep deprivation as done in cults. We were given less food then we needed to stay satiated. Food deprivation is another cult tactic. I am at the library and running out of time so I will close this post. But I will be back to post more.